Sculpture Prize Conditions Of Entry

Sculpture Prize

Conditions of Entry

  1. For the purposes of the Kingaroy Biennial Sculpture Prize, sculpture is defined as a freestanding, non-site specific, three-dimensional object, and is subsequently referred to ‘artwork’.


  1. Overall weight and dimensions must allow for easy assembly, transportation and installation. Entries must It must have a stable flat base AND not exceed the following dimensions when assembled (H x W x D = 2400mm x 1500mm x 1500mm) AND individual sections must not exceed a height of 2000mm and a width of 950mm due to Gallery doorway size. Please note these dimensions if artwork is being packed for delivery.


  1. Artworks must be made of durable materials to ensure they can withstand the elements as long-term external installations, and must not have specific technical requirements.


  1. Artworks must not represent any risk or danger to the viewing public or any other person.


  1. Entries will be assessed for their creativeness, their durability and suitability for out-door installation (including ease of on-going maintenance), and for their workmanship demonstrating thorough knowledge and technique of medium used.


  1. Entries must be the original work of the submitting artist/s and completed after March 2017.


  1. There is no limit to the number of entries an artist may submit. However, a separate entry form is required for each submitted entry. A non-refundable fee of $50 must accompany entry.


  1. Artworks must be available for display for the Exhibition period Monday 1st April – Saturday 25th May 2019.


  1. Artworks exhibited in the Kingaroy Biennial Sculpture Exhibition must be for sale. (KAT will deduct a commission of 20% from the sale price of any work sold during the Exhibition, prior to payment to the artist.)


  1. Three prizes are on offer, although any entry can receive only one prize. The two acquisitive artworks may be on permanent display within the parks and public spaces of the South Burnett Region.


  1. All entries are eligible for Open Award of $7000 cash, acquisitive prize and the Encouragement Award, of $1000 cash, non-acquisitive


  1. The South Burnett Award of $2000 cash, acquisitive prize is open to artists who live within the South Burnett geographical area, including the South Burnett Regional Council area, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council and adjacent Yarraman and Goomeri districts. This prize will be awarded to the artist whose artwork embodies, comments on, or celebrates our history, our heroes, our lifestyle and/or our achievements that are and have been at the centre of development and growth in the towns of the South Burnett.


  1. If an appreciably large number of entries is received, making it difficult to display all entries at the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery, the judging panel may conduct a pre-selection process as soon as practical after entries close or additional venues within the South Burnett may be used for exhibiting all eligible works.


  1. Artists whose artworks have been accepted for the exhibition will be notified by 14th March 2019 by email. Artists are responsible for the installation on Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st March 2019 and for the removal of their entries on Sunday 26th May or Monday 27th May 2019 including cost of transportation and insurance to and from the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery or other selected exhibition venue/s. KAT is not responsible for the delivery of any sold work to a buyer nor for return to the artist. Artists are responsible for ensuring their artwork is collected on either Sunday 26th May or Monday 27th May 2019. The Gallery does not have the facility to store artworks after these dates. Artworks uncollected after six months will be disposed of in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act of Qld 1967.


  1. All care will be taken by KAT when exhibiting the artworks, however KAT will not be responsible for damage, loss or theft whilst artworks are exhibited at the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery or other chosen venues.


Sculpture Prize Convenor: Catherine Woodham        Email: