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Exhibition Expression Of Interest Form

    Please select 3 preferred dates to exhibit. (mm/yy)

    1. Artist / Group Statement The purpose of an artist statement is to provide an explanation of what interests you and influences your work; what you do and how you do it and what you would like to achieve from exhibiting. This statement is intended to explain, justify, and contextualize your body of work. For Individuals: Share why you create your art and what it means to you. For Groups: Tell us about your group, why it was formed, how long has the group existed, the group’s purpose and achievements. This information will be used by the Gallery for promotion and may be edited.

    2. EXHIBITION RATIONALE or STORY LINE The exhibition rationale should explain the formal and conceptual ideas for your exhibition and your proposal should relate directly to your exhibition title and include: * Details of what art form/art forms will be included * Any themes being explored * Why you think a Gallery visitor will want to view your work * Any specific technical requirements or safety aspects for exhibiting works Indicate if‘ Extension Opportunities’ exist, such as: * Educational elements will complement the exhibit * Workshops may be held by you to coincide with your exhibition. If so please include possible dates and workshop topic. * An artist’s talk where you might like to share your journey as an artist * Other specific activities are planned, for example: a demonstration. If the proposal is for an installation or a piece not yet constructed, please include examples of prior work, with a detailed diagram or description of your proposed idea.

    3. Your CURRICULUM VITAE or CV of the Group (maximum one A4)

    4. Up to 6 images of your work or, for group applications a representation of several artists. Please note: If you have any trouble uploading files, please download this form here and email us directly: gallery@kingaroyart.com.au.

    Exhibitor Details


    The applicant/s grants the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery a non-exclusive license to reproduce the artworks, publish the artworks or communicate the artworks to the public for the purpose of: a) Publicity and production of any promotional material, including hard copy printed material, the Gallery’s website, social media platforms and other hard copy and online opportunities; b) Educational research; c) Creating a non-commercial archive, non-lending reference or database. The applicant/s warrant that the applicant/s is/are the owner/s of all copyright in the artworks or has obtained the necessary permissions for the use of the artworks under this EOI.

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    By checking this box, you have read the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery's Exhibition Guidelines and understand the conditions and agree to abide by them. If a Group of artists are exhibiting, one person is to sign on their behalf."

    Your application will be considered by the KAT Exec Committee and the Art Director will advise of the outcome. After an Offer of an Exhibition is accepted the Art Director will provide relevant documents, i.e. Opening Night User Agreement, Payment Process for Gallery Hire, Creditor Account Details for each exhibiting artist, ATO Statement by Supplier re GST Exemption Eligibility, Templates for Labels and Exhibit List for your completion.