Kingaroy Arts Team


The Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery (KRAG) is the oldest public art space in the South Burnett. Since gaining full operational independence in 2015, it is gaining a reputation as a South-East Queensland art hub.


The Gallery has an exciting calendar of events and competitions. We offer workshops in the adjacent 1913 Council Chambers, and our retail outlet, Shop 38 includes unique items from the region's most talented artists and artisans.


We delight in hosting exhibitions which break new ground, and can be fun, thought-provoking, or just plain quirky. We best function as an art ‘hot-house’ and we’re driven by our community. Talk to us about your idea.


We aim to grow the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery as a South-East Queensland art hub. Hosting artists of national, even international repute, and fostering local art at all levels. We aspire to be a destination.

History In The Making

We are curators and custodians of the growing South Burnett Regional Council Art Collection.

KAT Committee Members

Fran van Vegchel  - President
Julia Jeffery - Secretary
Pauline Smith - Treasurer
Judith Brook
Sue Flintham
Ros Smith
Fay Stumm
Catherine Woodham

The Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery is run by the Kingaroy Arts Team  Inc. (KAT for short), a not for profit organisation of art lovers who banded together in 2015 to give new impetus and direction to the Gallery, and to kick-start public art in Kingaroy and the South Burnett.

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