September 2020

"Three Well Known Australians" by Martin Shaw, 1982

Who do you think the figures are?

1st September – 3rd October 2020

Martin Shaw's painting Three Well Known Australians is not just an artwork, but an interactive exhibition in which visitors are invited to guess the identity of the three figures and record your thoughts in the yearbook provided.

Shaw says “he did have three Australians in mind, or Australian themes when he did the painting in 1982,” but he declines to disclose who or what he originally had in mind.

The painting along with letters and yearbooks from past travels makes for a fascinating and fun exhibition as it records the thoughts and guesses from previous exhibition visitors from all walks of life.

September 2020

"One Mob" by Niketa Law

Beyond The Dots

1st September – 3rd October 2020

Celebrating her culture Niketa Law brings Beyond The Dots to the Gallery. Inspired, influenced, and incredibly proud of the artistic component of her culture she returns to the Gallery two years after her first exhibition. She wants to share her knowledge of her culture through her own art. Niketa, a self-taught Traditional Contemporary Aboriginal Artist is a proud Bindal/Bigambul woman from Cherbourg, Queensland, and loves to exhibit locally.

Niketa explains, “Traditional stories guide my work, and as a contemporary traditional aboriginal artist I am influenced by the past and the present. Every piece I have produced has a unique story.”

September 2020

"Findings and Grindings" by South Burnett Gem & Fossicking Club Inc.

Findings & Grindings

1st September – 3rd October 2020

This exhibition is about sharing the passion for the gems found locally and from around Australia.

If you have an interest in gemstones, crystals, or minerals this exhibition provides an opportunity to enhance your understanding and appreciation of these natural wonders.

The variety of exhibits on show demonstrates the enthusiasm of members of the group of working with stones.

Individual members have their own personal preferences for working with different stones and the way they carve or facet them, which makes for an interesting and diverse exhibition.

Interested in Exhibiting?

Are you a new or established artist who is interested in exhibiting your works in our gallery? Click here for more information.


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